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Candidate Night 2015

We had a wonderful evening with all of our mayoral and city candidates. It was a great opportunity for property owners to hear and discuss where candidates stand on blight and the land-bank. We were happy to see so many property owners in attendance and look forward to seeing you all again at our next […]

Investors Score High Yields for Older, Less-Expensive Rental Homes

Check out this new article by National Real Estate Investor. In this article they talk about rising rates in single family rental homes and how the percentage yield growth has risen significantly. It also discusses the importance of property location and the value and demand of older properties being used to affect your percentage yield. […]

Why should you consider investing in or buying rental properties?

Why should you consider investing in or buying rental properties you ask? Our economy is forever changing. No one will ever be able to exactly predict where and when financial or economical pitfalls will occur. The one thing that has stood the test of time however is people will always need places to live. As […]