Top 8 Ways Indiana Landlords Can Help with Emergency Rental Assistance.

Here are a few handy tips and tricks for landlords to help your renter’s IERA application process:

  • You may start an application for a renter household at; all you need is their email address.
  • A direct link may be posted on rental portals or included on rental invoices provided to tenants.
  • Our renter information page, assistance examples, and FAQ is available by clicking HERE. You may share them in hard copy or electronically.
  • If a tenant was denied for assistance and their circumstances have changed, they should re-apply immediately.
  • Make sure that tenants know the correct name and contact information of their landlord in our vendor system to put in their application
    • This will ensure that you will see their application in your portal quickly
    • Vendors are pre-loaded into the platform as a drop-down menu
    • Tenants can select the correct choice and you will receive an email when their application is submitted
  • Make sure that tenants have a current copy of their lease including all recent addendums
    • This will ensure that IERA staff have all the correct information about their address, current rental amount, and when and how to reach the landlord if necessary
  • Don't try to determine a tenant’s eligibility
    • Let IERA staff determine AND deliver the news – good or bad.
    • Encourage tenants to apply and let us do the heavy lifting
  • Don't assume that a tenant will come to you if they need help
    • Reach out, send a text, email or call them: “The office is aware that your household is behind on rent. Here is the name of your landlord and a copy of your lease to assist you in applying for the Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance Program at You can apply at your convenience.”